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February 02 2018

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Top Dermatologists Increasingly Use Injectables to Help Patients Look Younger

Skin naturally becomes less resilient and supple as it ages. With its stores of collagen depleting over time, skin simply becomes less able to retain the taut, smooth look of youth.

Working with a Cosmetic Fillers and Injectables Board Certified Dermatologist can help counter the appearance of wrinkles that so often follows. A wide range of accessible treatments available today can produce results that will be easy to appreciate.

Modern Fillers and Injectables Have a Great Deal to Offer

Even where the internal structure of the skin itself cannot be restored to how it was many years ago, there are ways of smoothing over the wrinkles and other flaws that so often crop up as a person ages. A wide variety of cosmetic fillers and related treatments like the following can be worth looking into:

Juvederm. The Juvederm family of dermal fillers covers everything from products designed to give a person's face a quick, accessible lift to long-lasting alternatives whose effects will be noticeable for a year and a half or longer. With each individual Juvederm formulation being designed to target certain types and levels of problems, this has become one of the most popular brands of cosmetic injectables of all.

Restylane. Another option is the line of products offered by Restylane, a company that is equally highly regarded. As with the various Juvederm formulas, Restylane offers a full range of treatments that cover a great deal of ground. From those looking to have deep, longtime wrinkles reduced to patients seeking fuller looking lips, Restylane often has a plenty of interest to offer, as well.

Sculptura. While Juvederm and Restylane work by shoring up the underpinnings of the skin, Sculptura actually helps turn back the clock on collagen production. Although the treatment process is similar, Sculptura differs from other injectables in that it actually stimulates the skin to start churning out more of this crucial substance. As a result, the appearance of wrinkles can be significantly reduced over time and in an especially natural seeming way.

A Single Consultation Can Yield Plenty of Interesting Options to Investigate

With there being quite a few other products and treatments that regularly produce impressive results, simply consulting with a qualified dermatologist can be an especially productive step. While not every available product will be appropriate for each patient, there will typically be enough suitable options that true freedom of choice will be present. As a result, many different types of goals can normally be accommodated.

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